Real Audio
Real People, Real Environment 


  1. High Fidelity System
  2. Surveillance and Security
  3. Title 4

Residential and Commercial services

  • Home Theater, Dolby Atmos
  • Two-channel Hi-Fi
  • Whole-House Audio
  • Surveillance & Security
  • WiFi Systems
  • Smart Home

Our Mission
Real Audio is the real world resource for all your home audio/visual needs. Our Mission: To provide each customer with exceptional products that fit their budget, as well as top-notch service from beginning to end. Boasting 25 years in customer service, 15 of those years in Audio/Visual specific retail stores, we possess all the knowledge, passion, and skill required to create your perfect system. Whether it's building a home theater, installing security cameras, boosting your wifi, or making your home a Smart Home, we can do it. All at competitive pricing. The local Super Mega Mart Electronics store is no longer the answer for quality products and service. Real Audio is the answer. For real people, in a real environment.
  1. Expert Services
    Free local in-home consultation
  2. Experienced team
    15 years experience and a lifetime of passion
  3. Quality Products
    Hand picked product list for any budget
  4. Delivery Services
    Free local delivery available
Our Works
  1. Dolby Atmos Movie Theater
    Dolby Atmos Movie Theater
  2. Klipsch
  3. Outdoor Landscape Speakers
    Outdoor Landscape Speakers
  4. Outdoor Rock Speakers
    Outdoor Rock Speakers
  5. Title 9
    Title 9
  6. Sony 85" and Klipsch Dolby Atmos System
    Sony 85" and Klipsch Dolby Atmos System
  7. Demo Room
    Demo Room
  8. Limited Edition Turntables
    Limited Edition Turntables
  9. Foosball Table
    Foosball Table
  10. Monitor Audio Sound Frame
    Monitor Audio Sound Frame
  11. Doing What I love
    Doing What I love
  12. Sound Panels with LED
    Sound Panels with LED
  13. Main System
    Main System
  14. Project TT , Marantz, and Klipsch
    Project TT , Marantz, and Klipsch
  15. Title 15
    Title 15
  16. Patrick's Theater
    Patrick's Theater
  17. Marks Theater
    Marks Theater
  18. Title 18
    Title 18